SEEN 11 Photography Competition and Show

David McWhirter

Dreaming of a White Christmas

3rd in Show

Thomas Casey

Horsetail Falls

2nd in Show

Jill Shadden

Womb Mates

SEEN 11 Best in Show

SEEN 11 Competition Results


Best in Show Grand Prize - $600 cash award

Jill Shadden, "Womb Mates"


2nd in Show - $250 cash award

Thomas Casey, "Horsetail Falls"


3rd in Show - $150 cash award

David McWhirter, "Dreaming of a White Christmas"


SEEN 11 Photographer of the Year - $200 cash award

Laura Deuser


Cerven Purchase Award

Emily Moore, "Queen of Spades"


People’s Choice Award - $100 cash award

Thomas Casey, "Horsetail Falls"


SEEN 11 Photographer’s Showcase Winner - $100 cash award

David McWhirter

Best in Show Top 15:

1. Jill Shadden, "Womb Mates"

2. Thomas Casey, "Horsetail Falls"

3. David McWhirter, "Dreaming of a White Christmas"

4. Janis Shetley, "Première Danseuse"

5. Jennifer Mishra, "Manarola at Night"

6. Thomas Casey, "Rialto Beach"

7. Brad Warner, "Swoosh"

8. Lonnie Gatlin, "Milky Way Calling"

9. Brad Warner, "Peek Through a Rock"

10. Laura Deuser, "Despurrado"

11. Brad North, "Rays on the Prowl"

12. Lonnie Gatlin, "Dillard Mill"

13. Emily Moore, "Ready for Battle"

14. Daniel Yaroschevsky, "Saddled"

15. Joanna Gray, "Wet Paint"

Photographer of the Year Top 10:

1. Laura Deuser

2. Brad Warner

3. Nick Robles

4. Brad North

5. Frederick Steiling

6. Jennifer Mishra

7. Emily Moore

8. Thomas Casey

9. Trevis Thomas

10. Sharon Whitehall

Category Winners

Abstract: Thomas Casey - Fading Light

Architecture: Kevin Desrosiers - High Trestle Trail Bridge

Astrophotography: Lonnie Gatlin - Dillard Mill

Babies: Jill Shadden - Womb Mates

Black & White: Daniel Yaroschevsky - Saddled

Boudoir: Daniel Yaroschevsky - Countess

Cameraphone: Kymberlie Birkenkamp - Sunset Over Soulard Steeples

Children: Jaclyn Jezik - Submerged

Digital Art: Lonnie Gatlin - Milky Way Calling

Domestic Animals: Nichele Ott Patricia - Bella Rosa

Event/Concert: Allen Ahner - Thunderbirds at Scott AFB

Fantasy: Janis Shetley - Going Rogue

Fashion: Janis Shetley - Gothic Glam

Figure Study: Janis Shetley - Making the Cut

Flowers/Plants: Daniel Yaroschevsky - Smooth

Humor: Laura Deuser - Despurrado

Landscape: Brad Warner - Swoosh

Long Exposure: Thomas Casey - Rialto Beach

Macro: David McWhirter - Dreaming of a White Christmas

Motorsports/Vehicles: Daniel Yaroschevsky - Z

Photojournalism: Kymberlie Birkenkamp - Women's March Washington DC January 21, 2017 - 1

Portrait: Janis Shetley - Première Danseuse

Self-Portrait: Emily Moore - The Fencing Mistress

Sports Action: Norman Forshee - Surf City

Still Life: Kathy Brown - Crated Sliced Fruit

Theater/Dance: Timothy Farmer - Light as Flour

Travel: Jennifer Mishra - Manarola at Night

Trees/Shrubs: Brad Warner - Joshua Tree Rainbow

Water: Thomas Casey - Horsetail Falls

Wedding: Janis Shetley - Cherish the Moment

Wild Animals: David McWhirter - There be Dragons





SEEN 11 Photography Competition and Show

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