David McWhirter

Resting Hummingbird

SEEN 10 Best in Show

Janis Shetley

All Who Enter Here

SEEN 9 Best in Show

Janis Shetley

Morning Mist

SEEN 8 Best in Show

Jill Shadden

Daddy is my Hero

SEEN 2013 Best in Show

Yolanda Gatlin

Monolake Sunset

SEEN 2012 Best in Show

Kelly Manno

Spring Wedding…Yes, I said Spring

SEEN 2011 Best in Show

Robert Crowe

Museum of Contemporary Art, Stairwell

SEEN 2010 Best in Show

Julie Enstall


SEEN 2009 Best in Show

David McWhirter


SEEN 2008 Best in Show

Lee Rhoades

The Path Less Taken

SEEN 2007 Best in Show

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Studio Altius Photography Studio

SEEN 11 Photography Competition and Show

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