St. Louis area photographers are welcomed to enter images for SEEN 11, our 11th annual photography competition and show at Studio Altius. This year our categories are:


Abstract (sometimes it is better if you don’t know what it is)

Architecture (man-made structures)

Astrophotography (sky, heavenly bodies, eclipse, etc)

Babies (newborns & infants)

Black & White (images that have been converted into b&w)

Boudoir (Intimate, suggestive, or erotic but not explicit)

Cameraphone (phone or tablet camera images only)

Children (toddlers & kids)

Digital Art (art created digitally incorporating photography)

Domestic Animals (all animals that are domesticated)

Event/Concert (live event or concert coverage)

Fantasy (photography depicting fictitious characters or scenes)

Fashion (images featuring clothing, accessories, or branding)

Figure Study (studies of human form)

Flowers/Plants (small plant life, flowers, leaves, etc.)

Humor (images capturing humorous moments or irony)

Landscape (forest, mountain, plains, etc)

Long Exposure (images captured using a slow shutter)

Macro (close-ups)

Motorsports/Vehicles (cars, boats, planes, bikes, etc.)

Photojournalism (images that tell a story, multiple image composites are allowed)

Portrait (people images)

Self-Portrait (images made of the artist, by the artist)

Sports Action (game, practice, or conceptual sports action)

Still Life (images of arranged inanimate objects)

Theater/Dance (live performance, studio, or conceptual)

Travel (images that allow us to visit without going there)

Trees/Shrubs (Large plant life, trees, shrubs, bushes, etc.)

Water (lakes, rivers, oceans, waterfalls, rain, etc.)

Wedding (bride, groom, wedding day, etc.)

Wild Animals (mammals, birds, fish, insects, etc. No pets)


SEEN 11 Photographer’s Showcase: On the evening of March 9th, we will hold a tournament style competitive photography event at Studio Altius, open to the public.  All photographers who enter SIX or MORE images into SEEN 11 will automatically be included in the Photographer’s Showcase.  Based on the judges results, we will seed everyone into the tournament brackets, using their best six images.  Each round of the bracket will feature head-to-head matchups where everyone in attendance will vote on their favorite images.  Each round, one photographer moves on in the tournament and one photographer is eliminated from the Showcase.  It’s the March Madness of Photography!  Categories do not matter in the Showcase.  Showcase results do not effect results of the SEEN judging or People’s Choice Awards.  It’s a night of fun that shouldn’t be missed!



SEEN 11 Photography Competition and Show

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