Frequently Asked Questions:


What is the maximum number of images I can submit?

There is no limit to the number of entries, however, you must pay a $10 entry fee per image.


I used to live in St. Louis, do I enter as a St. Louis artist or a national artist?

If your primary residence was within 50 miles of St. Louis, Missouri at any time during 2017, you may submit as a St. Louis artist.  Otherwise, you must submit as a national artist.


I am a St. Louis artist, so I need to submit images in a category.  What do I do if one of my images fits within multiple categories?

This is a common situation.  For instance, you may have a black and white portrait that could fit in three categories (Black & White, Portrait, Fashion).  Simply choose one category for each image you submit.  You cannot submit in multiple categories.


I had one of my submissions accepted as a finalist into the show.  I'm making decisions on printing and framing/mounting the image.  What does "single point hanging system" mean?

A single point hanging system is a wire, single sawtooth, or simply a mounting hole in the back of the artwork. We require all pieces to be able to be hung by a single point on the wall for the show.




SEEN 11 Photography Competition and Show

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